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Our qualified staff is here to create a care plan for your pet that fits your needs and  financial situation.

Dr Bayer

Anne Bayer, DVM

Dr. Anne Bayer has an interest and commitment to developing a full service sustainable veterinary care model that helps remove barriers and provides reasonably priced services for cats and dogs. She is keenly aware that many pets go without care or are relinquished to shelters because families are financially unable to secure veterinary services. Providing this model is the mission of Open Door Veterinary Care.

Dr. Bayer has worked in veterinary medicine since 2003. She is especially interested in gentle and low-stress animal handling. She has lived in Asheville since graduating from Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine. Her free time is devoted to mountain biking, kayaking, and entertaining her little dog Mini.

dr symonds

Anne Peden Symonds, DVM

Dr. Anne Peden Symonds completed her veterinary degree at Ohio State University in 1999, after which she moved to Asheville and worked in private practice for 10 years. Loving all things feline, she became aware of a need for better behavioral care for cats, and for the past five years has been concentrating on feline behavior. Her service "Advetcat: The Veterinarian Advocate for your Cat" offers in-home behavioral consultations. 

Dr. Symonds also spent 9 years at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College as a full-time instructor for the Veterinary Technology Program. She is a member of the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners), IAABC (International Association of Applied Behavioral Consultants), and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). She has presented multiple times for state and local organizations, including the North Carolina Veterinary Technology Association and the Collider at AMOS. She is on the board of directors for the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) and serves them as an active volunteer and foster family.

Dr. Symonds stays busy with two children ages 14 and 11. She enjoys yoga and hiking with her family. She has a Doberman named Kona; three cats: Nina, Cian, and Auggie (who is blind and training to be a therapy cat); and an array of foster kittens.


Ann Schneider, DVM

Dr. Ann Schneider has had a varied career, including focusing in Internal Medicine, opening the first national all-volunteer canine blood bank, performing and teaching high volume low cost spay neuter, and now has come back to clinical practice. 

When she is not exploring new niches of veterinary medicine, Dr. Schneider spends time with her daughter, dogs and cats, and continually upgrades her beloved wildlife-friendly, food-producing garden and pond.  

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ann medical

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Why we’re different

We are creating a future where all pets have access to quality, affordable veterinary care.  We donate back into our Stay Together Fund which helps those who may need some additional financial assistance in times of a medical emergency.

Why we help

We promote access to veterinary care for cats and dogs for all residents to decrease the chance of pets not receiving care, being surrendered to an animal shelter, or euthanized when families experience unexpected veterinary medical costs.

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